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Digital Transformation Practitioner and Thought Leader

Transforming businesses by connecting and empowering people


Sonia Wedrychowicz is a thought leader in Digital Banking and Technology Transformation, with 25 years of experience in financial services and technology. She has worked in major banking organizations in Europe, Asia and the US in transactional and consumer banking. Known for her passion, high energy and commitment to people, she has managed change, led innovation and restructured businesses, putting them on a path of growth triggered by technology.

Sonia has spoken at over 50 conferences around the world, She has been an Adjunct Professor at the National University of Singapore and delivered lectures to students at MIT, Stanford, Warsaw School of Economics and Singapore Management University.

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World-Class Leader in digital banking and technology transformation.

When Sonia appears on a stage, she delivers an engaging presentation backed up by her life and work experiences, with a healthy dose of humor and anecdotes. In addition to delivering valuable content, she will fully interact with the audience, leaving no questions unanswered.

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Jim Marous

Financial Industry Publisher, Advisor & Global Speaker Co-Publisher at The Financial Brand

Amnah Ajmal
Group Executive, Products & Innovation, North America

I had the pleasure of working with Sonia at a major financial services innovation event and was immediately impressed with her experience, her enthusiasm and her presentation style. The successes that Sonia has been a part of and led are some of the most impressive in the banking industry. It is clear that is not only her knowledge of the digital banking industry and her desire to innovate where others have failed, but her leadership of individuals and teams. Despite her successes, Sonia continues to be a rising star who won't settle for status quo. She is the embodiment of a person who embraces change, is willing to take risks and positively disrupt herself and those around her for a better future.

Anna Streżyńska
Former Minister for Digital Affairs for Poland
Sonia is kind-hearted and as smart as they come with the innate ability to quickly identify business challenges and deliver unique solutions that impact the bottom line. Sonia has an amazing way of connecting the dots. In each of our engagements, Sonia has inspired me to take even the simplest of ideas and turn them into actionable plans. I only regret I did not meet Sonia when I was heading the Ministry of Digital Affairs in Poland. I hold Sonia in the highest regard when it comes to the disruption of traditional institution's business models aimed at providing better service for their customers and partners, and most importantly, for their future financial and business success.
There are leaders who can make a difference to business and then there are leaders who can make a difference to people. I have rarely met leaders who have the humility to unlearn and relearn so they can have an impact on business but also touch people’s lives in a way that they are remembered for a lifetime. Sonia falls in this category. Her openness to learn, compassion to listen to others and courage to drive change enabled her to transform consumer businesses across the world and create stellar high performing teams. Her actions inspire people to learn more, achieve more and deliver extraordinary results. She reinvented herself from a traditional banker to become a technology and digital transformation lead that set up the worlds best digital bank from scratch. Its hard to sum up Sonia’s leadership in words and her sense of humor makes it a pure joy to work with her and to work for her.

John Perls

JoopLoop, Inc.
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Loyalty Rewards Transformation Gamification Expert

I've had the incredible opportunity to interact with Sonia when she mentored our startup in the early days. I have never met anyone so fearless when it comes to taking measured risks and challenging the status quo. But that's only part of what makes Sonia so remarkable. Her deep understanding of the financial industry and her uncanny ability to tackle even the most complicated issues is beyond impressive. Her intuitive nature and ability to quickly assess a problem is extraordinary. Sonia's impact on our business makes it hard for me to imagine what our system was before she laid her eyes on it. What's more, through our working relationship, we have developed a wonderful friendship, a testament to the kind of person Sonia is, both inside and out.

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