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5mL syringes to test the influence of process parameters on the properties of a polymer. We might use 5cm^2^ plexiglass to keep the test sample from escaping the syringe. Using computer graphics, we can combine data from many experiments to develop a better understanding of how each variable affects the results. Our process evaluation is under way, we want to run about 1000 2D and 3D experiments and we want to be able to track our progress, so we choose to use test tubes. Our test tubes are not all identical. Some will have a diameter of about .5mm, some will have a diameter of about 1mm, and the rest have a diameter of about 3mm. We design an experiment in which we insert a silicone tube in each of these different test tubes. We label them 0.5, 1.0 and 3.0. Each test tube contains a different amount of silicone, which we use to measure the volume. We construct the test tubes out of a sheet of plexiglass, which has a thickness of about 2.5mm. We cut one sheet of plexiglass into three identical pieces, each with a length of about 15cm and a width of about 9cm. We mark the center of each piece and then cut it into the required number of 3mm tubes. ![Test tubes](figs/tubes.png) We insert each test tube into its corresponding piece of plexiglass. Some of the tubes are close to the ends of the plexiglass pieces, so we have to stick them in with a bit of help from an adhesive-backed paperclip. Some are close to the center, so we use a dropper and put a small amount of silicone on the end of the tube. We use a thermometer to make sure the temperature of the silicone is below its polymerization temperature. We use a different colored silicone for each test tube and we label them with their type and color. We can find out which test tube goes with which plexiglass piece by looking at the corresponding entry in a lab notebook, and by using a computer graphics program, we can easily see the different shapes of the test tubes and possible possible shapes of the plexiglass pieces. ![The test tubes](figs/tubes.pdf) We need to decide




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Design Expert 7 Full Version vyvrea

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