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Environics was established to improve the potential of people and organisations by promoting their wellbeing, reducing their stress levels, and increasing their productivity. We aim to raise awareness of the tiny yet crucial measures that can clearly have an influence on the lives of those who want a brighter tomorrow with the aid of our research-driven, inventive, non-intrusive goods and services.

While technology may have made life easier, it has also massively increased our exposure to electrosmog, which affects how quickly and clearly our cells respond to signals.

Additionally, the earth's constant geopathic stress as well as numerous viruses and germs have created hitherto unheard-of health issues that urgently require attention!

Therefore, Syenergy Environics Ltd. has made it a priority to improve people's health and productivity from the company's founding in 2007 by reducing harmful emissions in both natural and man-made built settings.

Our services and goods, such as Geochip, EnviroChip, Enviro Globe, Envirolife, and EnviroCare, significantly improve human, digital, and environmental well-being.

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